Senin, 30 April 2012

My New Bestfriend from U.S in Omegle

Stranger: i dont want to talk dirty, so if you do then leave
You: me too ! finally :)
Stranger: haha my god some really creepy people out there!
You: yeah i think so
Stranger: haah might as well ask boy or girl?
You: me ? girl
You: you ?
Stranger: same!
You: really ? whoa .
Stranger: i know this is the first time this has happened haha
You: yes , may i ask your age ?
Stranger: suree im 15, youu?
You: 16
You: where do you live ?
Stranger: daa u.s., youu?
You: indonesia , you know it rite ?
Stranger: yes. not to offend you, but are you white or no?
Stranger: idc either way just curious
You: not too white or black , but i have some chinese blood in me :)
Stranger: ohh nice! indonesia in asia or Europe? i forget hahah
You: in asia
You: lol
Stranger: thats what i thought hahah
You: what city do you live in u.s ?
Stranger: well state, i like in New Jersey
You: ohh
You: have you visit asia ?
Stranger: nope lol have you visted the us?
You: nope , i don't have any money lol
Stranger: ohh hahah we dont have enough to go to asia thats for sure lol
You: yeah same here
You: which country in asia do you want to visit ?
Stranger: uhmm im not sure, i really havent learned a ton about asia
You: really ?
You: many country in asia have a good place for recreation , like indonesia , korea , japan , china
You: hoho
Stranger: what do you mean?
You: eh , am i wrong ?
Stranger: no i just dont know what you mean by recreation
You: i mean vacation >< sorry
Stranger: hahah ohh your fine! no big deal! yeah i watch house hunter international (dorky i know) but when they go to asia it seems so beautiful and serine, and very cultural. and also you get a lot more for your money out there!
You: yeah , of course
Stranger: can you speak other languages?
You: i know france , japanese , korean . but just a little
You: why ?
Stranger: ohh i just figured you had to because you like kind of foreign! but thats really cool!
You: how bout you , mademoiselle ? :)
Stranger: nice! uhm well i am learning spanish but thats pretty much it besides english:/
You: is it hard ? how about learning indonesian languange ?
Stranger: well not really, just the way my teacher is hahah and i dont think i could ever learn that!
You: why ? indonesian language is easy , really
Stranger: really? like english?
You: kinda same
Stranger: can you translate this?: My name is Anna.
You: Nama saya Anna
You: how is it ?
You: name in english same with nama in indonesia
Stranger: haah youre right that is really similar!
You: interesting right ?
Stranger: yeah i had no idea!
You: hmm , ball in english and bola in indonesia
You: ah , is your name anna ?
Stranger: haha noo i was just using a random name
You: so what is your name ?
You: just curious
Stranger: sorry haha Meghan. Youu?
You: Fia
You: your name , really nice
Stranger: thankyou! so is yours? have you heard of it before?
Stranger: i meant yours!
You: heard about what ?
Stranger: my name, have you heard it?
You: i heard megan fox , but never heard megan with "h" hehe
Stranger: ohh ahaha yeaah shes a popular star. not many people spell it with an h. Well Fia, this has been really cool talking to someone so far away, and i am glad i had the chance to do it! but im going to bed because it is past 11:(
You: is it night there ? may i have your facebook , twitter , or yahoo ?
You: just for adding some new friends ^^
You: if you want to contact me just add
You: nice to know you meghan :)

di atas adalah chat yang aku lakuin sama Meghan , my new bestfriend x)
Meghan , i hope we will meet soon !!

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